Our vision is to involve and engage older adults as experts by experience in the research process, and thereby advance democratization of science/research and contribute to combating ageism and social exclusion.


We will create an inclusive and diverse network of older adults, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in the field of age(ing).

We will identify opportunities to actively involve and engage with older adults in all stages of the research process from research development to the implementation of research projects, the dissemination of research findings and knowledge exchange activities that support the uptake of research evidence into policy and practice.

We will develop methods and approaches to involve and engage with older adults as experts by experience in the research process

  • We create a platform for knowledge exchange activities, that supports the sharing of good practice and quality standards between researchers, older adults, practitioners, policy-makers, and funding organisations
  • We share information about our activities and lessons learned in an accessible manner across different sectors (e. g. for healthcare professionals) in order to inform policy and practice.
  • We actively identify opportunities for international and intercultural impacts through engagement with stakeholders and research collaborations.
  • We ensure sustainability by training researchers in good scientific practice in involving and engaging with older adults in the research process (for example by developing resources/ toolkits).
  • We actively involve a diverse range of older adults, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in shaping the future direction of the network.
  • Through our involvement and engagement activities we highlight the diverse challenges and opportunities older adults, as a heterogeneous group, face in their everyday lives across different jurisdictions, including ageism and social exclusion

  • We raise awareness of participatory approaches with older adults among policy-makers and in the wider scientific community (beyond research on ageing) and showcase good practice examples.
  • We identify how we can enable older adults to take an active role in shaping the future development and activities of the PAAR Network, including any practical or training needs older adults might have.
  • We create quality standards for the involvement of and engagement with older adults in the research process.
  • We capture (qualitatively) and measure (quantitatively)the outcomes of involvement and engagement of older adults in the research process, from the perspectives of older adults, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.
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